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hey im michelle and now that i know what it means to be dead i can start living again.


new aesthetic: cryptidcore

  • kitschy t shirts and keychains from souvenir shops depicting the local urban legends and monsters
  • glow in the dark stuff and generic alien themed stuff
  • tin foil hats
  • muffled x files, gravity falls, and twilight zone theme songs playing in the distance
  • staring into the night sky and wondering if we’re alone
  • lots of pictures of the woods and abandoned houses
Anonymous:  advice on dealing with stress?


O wow!!!!! Stress is something I am dealing with 24/7 !!!! So it is a mystery I am still trying to figure out as well !! It seems like stress is more of a self creation than anything else maybe. Of course nobody WANTS to be stressed but we also in a way, determine whether or not it exists. Unfortunately there are certain things that u have to do in life that are bad & not fun. However there are also things that u dont need to do & are probably a waste of brain space. Try yr best to elimate those from ur life. Use your thought and energy only on goals that you care about the most. Focus on one project at a time, if you can. I get very scatterbrained and end up trying to do so many different things at once that it results in nothing getting done!!! Make lists. Lists r super crucial. Use ur cell phone less and the internet less. Only the bare amount that u need it for and emergencies. Casually communicate with friends thru letters instead. I MEAN POST OFFICE PAPER MAIL LETTERS. They r more special, thoughtful, and also u dont have to always worry abt immediately getting back to ppl. Take deep breaths. Go outside!!! Meditate!!! Jump around!! Take short breaks to do things that wont require heavy thinking or any thinking at all. Get an inflatable raft and drift around in some water. Whatever seems nice 2 u. The world is not crushing you or moving faster than normal. Genuinely I think hot weather & constant sun is more stressful. Once it gets cold & gloomy things will be nicer. AT LEAST FOR ME. Always keep something to look forward to. Dont dwell on what u could have done better and trust ur gut more. Perfectionism can end up being hurtful if you take it too far. Often a small detail in something can be nervewracking, but generally ur first instinct is the best choice.Take more time to enjoy yourself & just visualize stress as a piece of paper blowing away in the breeze and into a distant tundra or desert. Message me once every 3 months and I will try to update u on my progress of figuring this out if u want. Maybe then my advice will be more useful or you will be incredibly chill & a genius. Seriously tho. Always down to get better with others!!!! Regards best wishes xx


forget the young blood chronicles where’s the sixteen candles sequel video

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i did one of those things
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